The 2nd Scientific Review of the CLARIFY project taked place via Videoconference the past Sept 15th 2022. The main objective of the meeting was to present the project activities carried out until M30, reviewed by an external panel of experts and presented by WP leaders. The reviewers examinated:

  • the degree to which the work plan has been carried out and whether all deliverables were completed
  • whether the objectives are still relevant and provide scientific or industrial breakthrough potential
  • how resources were planned and used in relation to the achieved progress, and if their use respects the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness
  • the management procedures and methods of the project
  • the beneficiaries’ contributions and their integration within the project
  • the expected potential scientific, technological, economic, competitive and social impact, and plans for using and disseminating results
  • eligibility of the costs claimed
  • compliance with other grant agreement obligations.

Thanks all the partners for all their efforts and dedication in the achievement of this meeting